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Prouct's Name£ºUPS Battery¡¡
UPS Battery


¢Ùlarge capacity available,99% of the capacity available (50%---60% for lead-acid battery)
¢ÚGreen and environmental,no containing acid and heavy metal such as lead,cadmium and Hg.
¢ÛHigh density of energy,high specific capacity,with higher capacity than lead-acid battery with same size.
¢ÜHigh cell discharge platform,the discharge platform with voltage 12.8V.
¢İLong cycle life,4-5times of the lead-acid battery.
¢Şlow self-discharge rate,only 1/20 of the lead-acid battery.
¢ßfast charge,18times of the lead-acid battery.
¢àlight weight,only 1/3 of the lead-acid battery, no need to add water, avoid maintenance completely.
¢ásafe and reliable,perfect inner protect circuit,can avoid the safety trouble caused by over current,short-circuit,over charge and over discharge.

Application fields:

The products can be widely used in boat,medical equipment,alarm system, emergency lighting system,UPS,large UPS,and computer ups,energy storage.




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